Seed Angel FORuM

Seed Angel Forum Connects Angels and with top Entrepreneurs, for free.





Born in Colorado, the Seed Angel Forum was started in 2010 with the goal of connecting active angel investors with high quality entrepreneurs to strengthen the fabric of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Since then, over 100 companies have pitched at almost 20 events, and those companies have gone on to raise over $250m and hire hundreds of employees. 

There are 3 key tenants that make Seed Angel Forum events unique:


  • Both the entrepreneurs and the investors have to apply to attend. Investors have to be active, meaning they have made at least 3 investments in the last 18 months. Entrepreneurs fill out a short application and the top 5-6 are selected based on team, traction, and other key indicators.

  • The event is free for both entrepreneurs and angels to attend. Local sponsors provide the support to help pay for drinks and dinner. 

  • It's not your typical pitch event. It starts with an entrepreneur roundtable, followed by a happy hour to break the ice. Next, everyone sits down for dinner and the angels introduce themselves and their last 3 investments. Then, the entrepreneurs, often with a drink in hand, pitch their company while everyone enjoys dinner. 

  • Seed Angel Forum is a non-profit run by an incredible team of volunteers.