Connecting Ideas With Capital

Seed Angel is a forum that connects angel investors with the best early-stage companies in the region. We bring active angels and qualified entrepreneurs into one room to catalyze lasting relationships that strengthen the fabric of entrepreneurial ecosystem.


How Our Forum is Different

1. The Seed Angel Forum is FREE for qualifying investors and entrepreneurs. Connecting and strengthening communities is a non-profit endeavor and shouldn’t require a payment of any kind.

2. We are not an investor group. Every investor acts independently and it’s up to the entrepreneur to give a great pitch and create interest.

3. Most pitch events are 100% focused on the entrepreneur; Seed Angel Forum is a networking event that strives to build collaboration between angel investors.

About The Forum

Our Story

In 2010 several organizations launched events that required entrepreneurs to pay to pitch. Jason Calacanis found this completely unethical and responded by launching the Open Angel Forum across the country. With Jason’s help David Cohen, Rob Delwo, Tim Falls, Fletcher Richman and Elizabeth Kraus launched and grew the Boulder chapter of the Open Angel Forum, a community focused event where active angel investors could discover some of the best early-stage startups in the region. The event has been a catalyst to closing early rounds and a networking event that connects like-minded angels. After several years of operating as the Open Angel Forum we’ve decided to re-brand as Seed Angel.

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Sponsors are the engine that makes Seed Angel possible, but our sponsors provide more than just event capital. We choose sponsors who support the community, can add value to the entrepreneurs at the event and are the leaders in their respective fields.

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